Straddling the Gap Between Art and Technology

As small business owners we have to balance what we need, what we can do ourselves, what we can hire done, what gets done now, and unfortunately what has to wait. But we shouldn’t have to sacrifice website quality because time and resources to often get spread thin. Understanding those needs and challenges from an insiders perspective along with my skills and desire to help small business owners is the driving force behind this site development project. My combined skills and experiences as an artist, graphic designer, web developer, and teacher are ideal to help small businesses create and learn to manage their web technology.

In the late 90’s I began writing code to build web sites and gravitated toward designing (the aesthetics) as the fields of web designing and web coding began to separate. I continued to work as an “interpreter” between web/code developers and their clients, and over the years was regularly asked to build sites but didn’t have the skills to write a quality Content Management Site (CMS.) CMSs are designed for the owner/manager to easily edit, something I believe to be critical for small businesses. As WordPress and other similar platforms for building CMS websites came on the scene I began watching, reviewing, and learning… fast forward to 2015 – I began building websites again and am confident and excited about their quality, performance, aesthetics, and that they are easy for their owners to edit.

Wordpress Instruction

Instruction designed for your specific needs. Whether you need a better understanding of how to manage your WordPress site, streamline your work flow, prepare images, or use InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, we’ll discuss your needs and get you started.

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